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What is Remittance?

Remittance by its strict definition is a payment for purchasing goods or services transferred to someone who is far away (at a distance). However, in the traditional sense when we talk about money remittance, it takes a whole new meaning.

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Missing out an online payment solution for remittances for your bank? IBFS specializes in workers remittance solution that are white labeled for your financial institution.

Partner with us

If you are a payment solutions provider / processor, chances are we have a client for you. Partnering with IBFS has its benefits and access to markets otherwise hard to reach.

Credit Card Processing

If you are not accepting payments online, you are missing out. IBFS specializes in providing online credit card processing facilities for clients worldwide.

Market Size

Did you know that the world remittance market size would be US$ 404 Billion by the year 2013. Learn how we can rollout a bespoke workers remittance solution for your bank.